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Support documents and videos accompany the SlimCom Installation Kit. For other questions or problems, please consult the following FAQ Section

Frequently Asked Questions


I don't need the messaging, can I install light panels only?

No, but you CAN view only the light panel/s. There is only one workstation installer, which installs the messaging and light panel together. To view only the light panel, and have messaging hidden, click Options, then click 'Use external panel'. You can then minimize the main SlimCom window with the text messaging, and leave the light panel up. User Setup options also give you control over SlimCom's window behavior on reception of a message(pop up/don't pop up) and light button changes.

Do I need to install SlimCom on our office server?

No. SlimCom is hub-based, so you just need to run a simple click-through installer on one computer that will be turned on while SlimCom is in use in the office. That said, the office server usually plays this role, and most offices do install SlimCom on their server. The SlimCom installer will do everything for you though, so no advanced IT experience is needed! Also, the SlimCom hub will run automatically as long as the computer is turned on.

My password won't work to make a change to the light panel, but it works to log in. Is there a different password for this?

Consult your installation manual 'Passwords' section, which will have default passwords for you installation. In short, though, the ADMIN password is used to make light panel changes. The USER password is only for users signing in to SlimCom. The Hub-based nature of SlimCom allows you to change both the ADMIN and USER password in a secure manner.


Can SlimCom support multiple staff members on one computer?

Yes. Simply click File, Add/Remove Users, and then click Add User. Now, once you start SlimCom, you will be prompted to choose a user. The new staff member will choose New User, and then will be able to configure user name, group, and options under User Setup.

Is there a way to help a new staff member learn what the lights signify?

Yes. Click Options, User Setup, and select 'Show a Message Describing Each Light Button Change'. SlimCom will now show a message in the light button color with its room name and description. This is also a useful way to view the order of events to help prioritize care.


My light panel only shows the border, but no light buttons.

SlimCom's light panels are minimizable. Simply click any part of the border to maximize or minimize the panel.

I received a message, but the text is not visible.

SlimCom permits messages to be sent as 'private'. Click the message to show or hide the text.