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Pricing: SlimCom is priced at a fraction of in-wall paging systems.

Each SlimCom license supports up to 8 doctors and all their staff.

SlimCom comes ready to run, but light button panel customization is included.

Dental Office Communication System Pricing

Prices include:

Licensing of SlimCom on all workstations per physical office

Email and phone support

Light panel customization

Immediate access to all upgrades

Price guarantee for one year, no annual contract required

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Number of Doctors Using SlimCom

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"I never imagined what this would do for my office. I now can't imagine what I would do without it."

--Eric teDuits, DDS Children's Dental Center, Fitchburg, WI


"SlimCom has taken the interruption and hassle out of communication, in a seamless and thoughtful way. Our group has decided to use SlimCom in multiple locations!"

--Chad Schwitters, DDS Dental Health Associates, Madison, WI,