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SlimCom Dental Office Communicator Features

SlimCom starts with an easy to learn, simple design for quick integration into your practice. A light panel. A text messaging area. From there, tailor it to fit your needs.

The thing that sets SlimCom apart as the future of intra-office communication systems is that it is simultaneously simple, like wall-mounted light panels of old (push a button, light turns on), while offering additional features that tech-savvy users of today will appreciate. What features are these?

Efficient Communicators Efficient Communicators

Watch the video below to see SlimCom in action, or view the complete list of features

Features Video

SlimCom's List of Features

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"I never imagined what this would do for my office. I now can't imagine what I would do without it."

--Eric teDuits, DDS Children's Dental Center, Fitchburg, WI


"SlimCom has taken the interruption and hassle out of communication, in a seamless and thoughtful way. Our group has decided to use SlimCom in multiple locations!"

--Chad Schwitters, DDS Dental Health Associates, Madison, WI,